Tips for cooking exciting clams and shrimp dishes

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Shrimp is such a dish that many people love to eat, all over the world. There are also many such people who do not enjoy having it either as they do not know what to do with them. There are certain basic fundamentals that you must apply while you are cooking any kind of seafood dishes whether shrimps or clams. They can be used as an essential ingredient in much kind of delicious preparations. Here are some important tips on buying, cleaning and cooking of the seafood dishes:

When you go to buy it, you will see that there are two varieties, namely the frozen ones and the fresh ones. You can choose to buy any of the two varieties as per your choice, but it is always recommended that you opt for the fresh ones always.

Then for cleaning them properly, you must hold the creature by the tail with the help of your thumb and the forefingers. Keep the legs of the creature on the upside. Then cut the legs with the help of a knife and once that is done, it is easy to remove the shells. Once the shell is removed, you can take the vein of the shrimp out. For taking the vein out, you must hold the creature tightly in your hand and make a sharp incision. Then simply pull the vein out from the body. This entire process is involved in cleaning the creature in a thorough manner. 

Once it is cleaned, you can use it for a variety of preparations like salads, omelettes; cocktails etc and enjoy the delicacy to its core.

Similarly, the clams are the kind of seafood that is loved by people who are authentic seafood lover. Usually the people who reside next to the sea coast are fond of this dish as they get it completely fresh. Also all food lovers enjoy clams to a great extent.

When it comes to cooking of this particular seafood, there are multiple flavours, species and preparations that you can try. Some are served as sushi along with other dried seafood. They are also served raw inside an open shell sometimes. They can also be used for the preparation of various kinds of soups. They can be baked as well. Mix these with bread crumbs and other kind of seasonings and place it in a half shell before baking. All these preparations are loved by one and all over the world.


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Tips for cooking exciting clams and shrimp dishes

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Tips for cooking exciting clams and shrimp dishes

This article was published on 2012/01/12